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Strategic Positioning and Key Message Development

Today’s media are short of space – especially on the Internet, where readers are used to gathering information fast before clicking through. In the traditional printed trade media, space is often reduced by economic constraints. Moreover, readers’ attention spans are getting shorter as time pressures are increasing. As a result, there is an increasingly strong need to condense positioning statements to website length copy platforms.

Companies operating in a B2B environment understand that they need to prepare their messages, train their spokespersons and make sure that when the opportunity arises, they have their comments ready. Whether you are talking about the economic situation or addressing environmental issues, you often only get one shot to describe your company’s position, put focus on your key messages and highlight your company’s activities in key areas such as customer care, cost control and environmental issues.

We support our clients in their endeavours to formulate their positioning statements and train spokespersons – helping to define and describe succinctly activities in key areas such as innovation, customer care, cost control and environmental positioning – and developing clear “thought leadership”.

Our team is able to work with you to formulate clear positioning statements and to achieve comprehensive and consistent application of branding across your business operation to ensure identity and positioning are a practical reality.

Strategic positioning and key message development - The EMG Way™

To support our clients’ strategic positioning and key message development, we apply a number of proprietary tools, including

Crisis and Issues Communications Programmes
We will show you how to handle your communications in a crisis situation and – better still – help you to recognise a risk issue and take actions before it escalates into a crisis.

EMG Learning Programmes™
EMG has developed a number of key learning programmes to ensure that key personnel know how to make presentations and conduct media interviews. These can be delivered for small groups or as individual coaching sessions.

Our bespoke in-company training, can be customised to specific client needs, across a wide range of communications competences, including

  • Communications Planning
  • Media Handling
  • Customer Communications
  • Presentation Skills
  • Crisis Communications

These training courses can be delivered either as intensive one-on-one coaching sessions or as more structured group workshops.