We know where your message should go

Amplifying great content relies on a strong channel and engagement strategy

Times have changed. We’re living and conducting business in a cross-platform disciplinary world, where the lines between our professional and private lives often blur.

Content cannot be effective without a strong channel and engagement strategy. While we still advocate the benefits of an annual integrated communications playbook, plans increasingly need to have flexibility built in to accommodate real-time shifts and changing needs.

We will work with you to shape your strategy, using insight and analytics to develop a communications plan that incorporates a blend of traditional media relations and advertising, trade shows and events and - where relevant - social media and influencer marketing.

Our efficient approach of working existing evergreen content as hard as possible alongside new content has been well-received.

We’ve always got one eye on the future, assessing new platforms, techniques and technologies. We don’t expect artificial intelligence and robots to replace us marketeers any time soon, but thinking how virtual reality and drones could be incorporated into campaigns should be front of mind.