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Every industry sector is undergoing transformation or disruption – some faster than others, but that change is here to stay.  This means the way brands and companies engage also needs to be different in an increasingly digital and dispersed world.

EMG is aligned around five service areas allowing us to focus on adding value by delivering consistent, connected and cohesive marketing communications campaigns.



What’s the plan? A simple question, but sometimes hard to answer.

Understanding your business problem is our starting point in figuring out your communications strategy. Once a framework is agreed we will work with you to develop corporate, product and issues messaging, then a content strategy and integrated campaigns to support your commercial objectives.

If your strategy is already in place, that’s fine too. But expect us to kick the tyres and challenge you if we think it needs fine tuning. Or, if you just want to put your team through its paces, we offer a full curriculum of communications training from message development, creative writing through to crisis communications drills.

Counsel is a two way street. We will always give you pragmatic, no-nonsense guidance and feedback. And we expect the same in return from our clients.

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Industrial technology companies are starting to give their B2C counterparts a run for their money when it comes to creative content. Of course, we might be biased, but we think industry has a rich seam of (often untapped) stories of innovation and invention.

We can help you mine stories and narrative out of your business and package them for use across multiple internal and external channels. In addition to a team of in-house writers, the EMG Creative Network of technical writers, designers and videographers ensures the right message gets to the right audience in the right way.

Contact us to learn about our approach to content strategy, marketing communications and development.





Times have changed. We’re living and conducting business in a cross-platform disciplinary world, where the lines between our professional and private lives often blur.

Content cannot be effective without a strong channel and engagement strategy. While we still advocate the benefits of an annual integrated communications playbook, plans increasingly need to have flexibility built in to accommodate real-time shifts and changing needs.

We will work with you to shape your strategy, using insight and analytics to develop a communications plan that incorporates a blend of traditional media relations and advertising, trade shows and events and - where relevant - social media and influencer marketing.

Our efficient approach of working existing evergreen content as hard as possible alongside new content has been well-received.

We’ve always got one eye on the future, assessing new platforms, techniques and technologies. We don’t expect artificial intelligence and robots to replace us marketeers any time soon, but thinking how virtual reality and drones could be incorporated into campaigns should be front of mind.

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Over the years, we have invested in developing a suite of proprietary CommsTech tools that make planning, segmentation and monitoring as efficient and accessible as possible.

We’re very proud of these tools which we are continuously developing further. However, we don’t lock our clients in to using our suite of tools and we remain platform agnostic.

We’re happy to recommend a content management system or media monitoring supplier, we work with most of them. Each client has its own specific challenges and has built a bespoke communications technology infrastructure to match their requirement. Our approach is to slot in seamlessly and add-value from day one.





You might be in the right place, but these days, your target audiences are probably not.   

Effective Communications is our approach to insights and analytics.

We help you find your audiences and advise how to communicate to them.  Our team includes chemists, scientists and engineers, so we instinctively know what piques the interests of industrial audiences.  

We back up our deep industry experience with a systematic approach to segmentation, customer persona development, customer journey planning and our proprietary suite of CommsTech tools and apps. 

That same suite of tools helps us monitor results, return on investment and ultimately demonstrate the true added value of your marketing efforts.  

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