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22 二月 2019

PPG, PPG Foundation Invested More than $9 Million in Communities Worldwide in 2018

PITTSBURGH, Feb. 21, 2019 –PPG (NYSE: PPG) recently announced that PPG and the PPG Foundation invested more than $9 million in communities worldwide in 2018. The funds, which support community sustainability and educational programming, will positively impact hundreds of community organizations in 28 countries where PPG employees live, work and play.

22 二月 2019


美国休斯敦市,2019年2月20日---全球最大的一体化尼龙6,6树脂生产商奥升德功能材料任命吴贤亮 (Kevin Wu) 博士为全球高级副总裁兼亚太区董事总经理。吴博士将负责领导奥升德在这一地区的业务发展以及增长战略的制定。

22 二月 2019

Clariant helps agricultural industry achieve better yields with cutting-edge crop solutions

• Highly effective SynergenTM series adjuvants improve harvest significantly

22 二月 2019

Clariant showcases pioneering skin and scalp care ingredients to help combat stressors of modern lifestyle at PCHi2019 China

• Clariant highlights pioneering naturally derived skin and hair care ingredients to fight effects of intense lifestyles and pollution

22 二月 2019

Clariant increased sales, profitability and operating cash flow in 2018

Sales increased by 5 % in local currency to CHF 6.623 billion

15 二月 2019

Clariant captures growing 3D printing customer needs at TCT Asia 2019

• Creation of strong, impact resistant manufacturing aids

15 二月 2019

Clariant’s StyroMax® UL3 catalyst delivers excellent results at Shandong Yuhuang styrene plant in China

• Next-generation catalyst achieves high activity and selectivity in styrene monomer production at ultra-low steam-to-oil conditions

21 一月 2019

PPG Announces Full-Year 2019 Financial Guidance

PITTSBURGH, Jan. 21, 2019 –PPG (NYSE: PPG) recently announced certain targets for 2019. The operational and financial metrics are supported by PPG’s strategic initiatives to enhance shareholder value, and are expected to drive performance this year and beyond. The Board and management team are strongly aligned and accountable for shareholder value creation and are committed to achieving these targets.

21 一月 2019

PPG Reports Fourth Quarter and Full-Year 2018 Financial Results

• Fourth quarter net sales of approximately $3.6 billion, up about 2 percent versus prior year in constant currencies

17 一月 2019

SABIC 沙特基础工业公司收购储能用碳纳米管公司多数股权

沙特基础工业公司(SABIC)今天宣布已收购2014年成立的纳米技术公司Black Diamond Structures(“BDS”)的多数股权。BDS主要从事改性碳纳米管专有技术MOLECULAR REBAR®的生产和商业化,该技术可显著提高铅酸和锂离子电池的性能水平,在储能领域拥有极大的应用前景。