Media monitoring making media data transparent

Monitoring, Measuring and Reporting

In order to conduct a meaningful and productive dialogue with key markets, communities and customers, it is essential to have insight in what is being said about your company – and who is saying what.

To provide clients with a comprehensive overview of press coverage, EMG has developed a real-time media monitoring, press clippings database, reporting, analysis, and news alert service.

EMG clients make use of these services where they need to capture both print and online media coverage. EMG’s added value compared to conventional press clipping services is that we focus on the trade media, covering a wide range of industrial markets across Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Regular reporting ensures that internal audiences are updated regularly about the company’s external communications activities. EMG clients are offered a range of tools that are brought together in one system, thereby delivering an overview and analysis of relevant on-line, printed and social media coverage and activities.

EMG manages the complete trade media monitoring and clipping process in-house to ensure optimal quality. We report media coverage tailored to the needs of our clients’ media relation programmes and our system also offers electronic newsletter and alert functionality to inform communications managers and the wider organisation about company as well as industry news as required.


Monitoring, measuring and reporting - The EMG Way™

For our clients’ monitoring, measuring and reporting activities, we apply a number of proprietary tools, including

EMG Press Monitoring Service™

  • Provides overview of printed as well as website coverage in trade media
  • Generates PDFs including relevant meta data taken from the EMG Media Information Centre

EMG Media Monitoring Portal™

  • Online repository of coverage and source for reporting tools and statistical analysis (volume comparison, media penetration, impact level);
  • Metrics include languages, countries, categories, web/print, Ad Value Equivalent (AVE), tone of voice, ratings, spokespersons
  • Linked to PressReleaseFinder to measure effectiveness of media relations programs

EMG Online Community Monitor™

  • Tracking web 2.0 and social media as and when it happens
  • Reporting possibilities tailored to issues/campaigns

EMG Industry News Service™

  • Tailored reporting; hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annually and anything in between
  • HTML newsletters that combine automatic feeds of media coverage highlights, links to in-depth analysis dashboards, detailed press clips, online monitoring information
  • Can be tailored to suit company needs – design that meets corporate ID, uploading of company specific information (press material issued, event participation, etc.)